Changes in Release 12 of Fusion

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Changes in Release 12 of Fusion Empty Changes in Release 12 of Fusion

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:36 pm

When compared to Release 11 , there are enhancements to some setups and transactions in Release 12.

1) Manage Data Access for Users has been introduced. Some transations like Inventory and Receiving need data access.
2) For Item creation , the user must have Product Data Steward role
3) Manage Users task is introduced. Procurement users ( having link to BU and Legal Entity ) can be created without visiting HCM tasks.
4) Catalogs and Category creation has been simplified. The lonely KFF has been removed in this release.
5) Authorization Policy Manager and Oracle Identity manager have been removed , making the sys admin more simple and user friendly.
6) Entity specific roles are no more required. Generic roles ( like Inventory Manager , Warehouse Manager are sufficient ) Data access is added as an additional layer of data security.
7) Setup data can be force syn'ed by the concurrent "Import User and Role....."



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